Independent Voices 10th Anniversary Celebration

Independent Voices – A Movable Feast For the Senses.  In honor of ten years of programming, we recently completed an Independent Voices event at Westminster College.  This included presentation of a wide array of artists working in a variety of artistic disciplines, a college course entitled Movement and Meaning in the Arts, and community outreach activities.  For our project, Westminster College graciously offered to host us in the Emma Eccles Jones Theater complex.  This is noteworthy as this is not a standard procedure for the college.  They supported our concept artistically and also for the experience it provides for the college and the community at large.  We worked with Doug Wright, professor at Westminster, to create his class, and our kite maker conducted community outreach workshops with select Salt Lake Schools.  The model that our project created was successful on all levels and is one that can be replicated.

The event is finished.

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