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About Black Social Change Utah 2.0

Black Social Change Utah 2.0 (BSCU2) is committed to raising community and individual consciousness of the need for racial equity and social justice and to provide opportunities to reflect, discuss, and act.  
BSCU2 addresses racism through storytelling, images, music, film and movement. Participants reveal what sustains “hope” again and again in the face of unsolicited adversity and their belief that social change, such as attaining equality, is possible. Themes of education, resilience, community, and faith propel the project, unwrapping the key to a culture whose very foundation is built upon a forged resiliency and grace. 
BSCU2 uses the voices and experiences of the Utah’s Black and African American community, which comprise 1.8% of Utah’s total population. Their stories and experiences form the framework for this work and builds on history, current events, storytelling, empathy, compassion and what it is to be human. 

Components of Black Social Change Utah 2.0

Below are components of BSCU2.  The Beloved Community Project film is the foundation of BSCU2, reflecting the social issues that confront America. Other materials are designed to further exploration, discussion and engagement with  pertinent issues raised in the film. 

The Beloved Community Project film. BSCU2 uses this film as the foundation of the work ahead, reflecting the social issues that confront America.

Brolly Arts, in conjunction with Utah Film Center, is pleased to host the Beloved Community Film, study guide and, supporting materials on the Brolly Arts website and as part of Utah Film Center’s Film Spark. Click to view the Utah Arts Film Center website. 

Beloved Community Project


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