Lake Bonneville Coral Reef

2011 -2012

Crocheted Coral Reef

Brolly Arts is Utah’s designated Satellite Site for the International Institute for Figuring (IIF) and as such, created the Lake Bonneville Coral Reef. Partnering with the national Institute for Figuring, The Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College, Friends of the Great Salt Lake, Brolly Arts and community artists utilized the techniques of hyperbolic crochet to create a coral reef as it may have existed in ancient Lake Bonneville.  The crochet reef is built from separate pieces/elements created by community members and artists; these pieces are put together in the form of a reef and installed on tables and other horizontal and vertical surfaces.  

Targeted schools, organizations and groups benefited from an integrated art, math and science experience while contributing to the overall exhibit. This site specific installation first took place at the Meldrum Science Building at Westminster College Fall 2011.    The Reef coincided with the Bioneers Conference which was held at Westminster College October 2011.  May 2012, Lake Bonneville Reef moved to the Salt Lake Public Library for Water Week and a month long exhibit.  Community artists and participants will continue the development of the Reef and activities.

As a Satellite Site, we secured curriculum, curatorial privileges and intellectual property that allowed us to provide a meaningful art, math and science experience for targeted schools and organizations.  From June 6, 2011 until November 4, 2011, the Utah Museum of Natural History, Youth City Afterschool Program, Lincoln Elementary in Ogden, Hawthorne Elementary and Franklin Elementary were beneficiaries of this Arts Education experience.  Further complementing the project were field trips out to the Great Salt Lake hosted primarily by the Friends of the Great Salt Lake.  Students saw and learned first hand about the Lake, its habitat, ecosystem and inhabitants.  Then the science, math and art experience built upon that initial framework of learning.

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