Empowering Women in Nepal with Education and Freedom

Girls and women in Nepal have asked for our help. Through 2019, we plan to provide menstrual hygiene kits to 2,000 girls and women in remote areas of Nepal. Please help Nomads Clinic under the auspices of Upaya Zen Center provide this gift of education and freedom!  

Women in rural Nepal have little access to menstrual hygiene products and often simply have to layer clothing to manage their monthly periods.  This causes discomfort, skin breakdown, and time off of school and work.

Days for Girls hygiene kits made by local Nepali women in Kathmandu, provide underwear and 8 reusable menstrual pads, as well as a snap in system and carrying bag. For just $12 a girl can manage her period for several years, without additional investment or any waste products produced.  As part of distributing these free hygiene kits, local Nepali nurses give classes on fertility, biology and hygiene to the girls and women.

Nomads clinic, a yearly medical and humanitarian trek coordinated by Upaya Zen Center, has been asked by Nepali girls and women to bring menstrual hygiene kits to their rural Himalayan villages.  We aim to bring kits for 1,000 women and girls during our yearly Nomads Clinic Trek this September. $12 per kit covers the cost of making and distributing the hygiene kits. There are no roads, electricity or health care in these remote areas so the kits must be delivered by mule.

Please join hands with us as we work to make the girls and women in rural Nepal feel heard, valued, and supported through this menstrual hygiene project.

How You Can Help

We need your help to serve 2000 women through 2019. We are accepting donations and in-kind sponsorships from organizations and individuals. We do not receive any government funding, so contributions from individuals like you are vital. 100% of your donation goes to the cause.

Be a champion for women and girls. Make your tax-deductible donation today.

For more information on Upaya Zen Center and Nomads Clinic please visit NomadsClinic.org 



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