Evaporation: What Does It Take To Leave Enough Water For Great Salt Lake

The goal of this event is to raise awareness of Great Salt Lake (GSL), Utah’s water use and misuse, prompting the audience to contemplate their role in water issues and saving GSL. Hosting this event in Alta is crucial as we are the home to the headwaters of Little Cottonwood Canyon creek and face the painful uncertainty of how will we enjoy the famous deep powder snow if there is no GSL? This multi-media event and intimate dialogue will inspire you to become engaged and create specific action plans to envision a healthy future for the lake and all creatures that rely on her.

Brolly Arts’ Evaporation includes multi-media presentations, reading and improvisation, and a performance art piece “Illusion Of Abundance” created by Brolly Arts dancers and creatives as well as presentations and conversations from advocates to protect GSL. The full lineup will be posted soon.

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