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Season’s Greetings from Brolly Arts! We know you haven’t heard from us in a while but we would like to tell you about and invite you to support a big undertaking we have been working on for over two years.

Our project, Black Social Change (BSC): Preserving the Story came about in response to growing awareness, questions and experiences of racism in Utah. The project invites us to celebrate, listen to, view and learn from Black leaders, artists and social change agents in our community. BSC, a multidisciplinary performance event, premiered in 2015 to rave reviews and requests to further develop the project as well as outreach efforts. The result is the creation of the BSC documentary with outreach programming to follow.

The documentary BSC is multidisciplinary, integrating haunting and hopeful narratives, film, soulful spirituals, choreography and theater to bring to life the forgotten and unknown stories that need to be heard in order for our community to reconcile and grow.  The film guides viewers to open their hearts to what it feels like to maintain “hope” again and again in the face of unsolicited adversity. Themes of education, resilience, and faith propel the film unwrapping the key to a culture whose very foundation is built upon a forged resiliency and grace.

Brolly Arts is dedicated to creating meaningful art and vibrant communities through artistic and civic collaboration and experimentation. As a non-profit umbrella organization, Brolly Arts is committed to increasing the opportunities and impacts of artists and arts organizations in Utah. The focus is on developing artistic, civic, and corporate partnerships to increase awareness and change around major issues of the day with local relevance, increase access to the arts, innovative arts programming, and support for local and national independent artists. Brolly Arts facilitates collaborative opportunities for independent artists, established organizations (artistic and civic), and fledgling arts groups. Through these efforts, Brolly Arts has sponsored or supported numeral local projects, served over 570 artists, and successfully engaged in numerous strategic partnerships.

Please join us in creating awareness and developing a greater understanding of the Black experience in Utah in an attempt to expose the undercurrent of unseen and silent racial inequality.  Please give today and enjoy the holidays.

Warm regards,

Amy MacDonald
Founder and Director
Brolly Arts

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