Black Social Change: Preserving The Story Press Release

Brolly Arts, Salt Lake Community College, and Rowland Hall Present Black Social Change: Preserving The Story

January 15, 2016 at 6:30pm in the Larimer Center at Rowland Hall (843 South Lincoln Street)

Are race relations in Utah so misunderstood that Utahns don’t understand the blatant racism experienced and reinforced everyday? Is Utah behind understanding the impact of skin color in our community?  Is it the responsibility of a community to identify harmful blind spots in our cultural competency and bring them into view?

Help us celebrate, listen to, and learn from Black leaders, artists, and social change agents in our community. Black Social Change (BSC) is a multidisciplinary event integrating haunting and hopeful narratives, film, soulful spirituals performed by Lyric Baritone Robert Sims of Chicago, as well as choreography and theater performed by local dancers and choreographers Sofia Gorder and Notasha Washington.

This performing arts event is in collaboration with and in celebration of the documentary “Black Social Change: Preserving The Story,” that will premiere at Salt Lake Community College Grand Theatre, 1575 South State Salt Lake City on Tuesday January 19, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

This event brings to life the forgotten and unknown stories that need to be heard in order for our community to reconcile and grow. The event guides viewers to open their hearts to what it feels like to maintain “hope” again and again in the face of unsolicited adversity. Themes of education, resilience, and faith propel the evening’s performances unwrapping the key to a culture whose very foundation is built upon a forged resiliency and grace.  Join us in creating awareness and developing a greater understanding of the Black experience in Utah in attempt to expose the undercurrent of unseen and silent racial inequality. The performance begins in the Larimer Center at Rowland Hall at 6:30pm and will be followed by dessert and dialogue in the cafeteria.


Inland / Outland : Utah Press Release


Salt Lake City, UT: Brolly Arts presents in conjunction with Salt Lake Public Library and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) Inland / Oultand: Utah, a multi-disciplinary project featuring Icelandic visual artist Svavar Jonatansson (from Academy Award winning documentary Chasing Ice), and Utah composers Devin Maxwell and Matthew Durant. The collaboration has resulted in four short films composed of tens of thousands of still photographs from four areas of Utah: Salt Flats (I-80), Arches National Park  (Arches Scenic Drive), Capitol Reef (State Route 24) and  Oljato Road. Each film has an original score bringing the videos to life with the dialogue and interplay between the two art forms. The intent is to offer a unique presentation of these places that  invites the audience to view them through their own lens of experience, story and identity.

Jonatansson tediously photographed the landscapes under a variety of conditions: sometimes stark, bleak, and icy and other times vibrant and optimistic. By presenting Utah through the lenses of an ever-changing landscape, a playful form emerges which is amplified musically through careful presentation and transformation of compact musical cells. The beauty lies in the management of the dialogue between the score and the landscape. Jonatansson, Maxwell and Durrant have created an effective, engaging work that captures the wide range of possible emotions locked inside a long unvaried drive.

The Inland/Outland project started in 2007 in Iceland when Jónatansson travelled around the island’s 900 mile ring in freight trucks and buses, photographing out the side windows every 4-7 seconds. Utah-based composers, Maxwell and Durrant began collaborating with Jonatansson in early 2012, when he began Inland / Outland : Utah. Brolly Arts joined the growing project in early 2013. In October of 2013, the work thus far was previewed at the symposium Critical Rediscovery of the Northern Rockies at the College of Art and Architecture at Montana State University. The widespread enthusiasm and support of the work leads now to the premiere of these works at UMOCA and the photographic exhibit of these places at the Salt Lake Public Library.

The photographic exhibit runs August 9th to September 12th at the Salt Lake Public Library with a reception on Saturday, August 9th from 4–5:30pm.

The Utah premier is August 15th at UMOCA at 7pm. Tickets are $15 – $20.

About Brolly Arts: Founded in 1995, Brolly Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating meaningful art and vibrant communities through artistic and civic collaboration and experimentation.  Brolly Art’s mission is reaching a wider audience and creating links between the public, arts and landscape that contribute to sense of place, identity and community.


Plastique Press Release

THE BEAUTYAND THE DESTRUCTIVE NATURE OF PLASTIC BRINGS A COMMUNITY TOGETHER Plastique, a multi-disciplinary project with community outreach components that utilizes art to engage our community and increase awareness around this vital environmental issue of plastic, its use, misuse and lasting impact.

Brolly Arts’project Plastique brings to light the wonderful horrible nature of plastic. It is resilient and it lasts. That’s the beauty and the destructive nature of plastic particularly single use plastic such as plastic bags. Plastique is a multi-disciplinary show full of visual art, dance, poetry, film, and research.

Artists, community members, and community organizations will work to fully realize the performance and visual aspects of Plastique.The installation art will be made out of plastic during outreach projects and by individual efforts. Many are amazed to learn that this colorful stuff is the thermoplastic junk of our throw away culture.Plastique engages artists and audiences alike to examine, like archaeologists, how each piece of plastic opens a window to the whole of human culture, piece by piece. With our interactive event, we increase awareness of an important environmental issue and engage our community which is the first step in social change.AlthoughPlastique addresses a real environmental problem, art is the central theme.

Plastique by design will be a replicable model. Once this project premieres, it can be repeated in other areas so that many communities can benefit from a project such as this. By involving a number of artists and organizations in the creation of Plastique we are able to reach a larger audience, have a greater impact and increase the potential of our cultural and civic communities. To date, participating organizations include BrollyArts, Bad Dog Arts, Utah Arts Alliance and Rowland Hall. Brolly Arts has extensive experience and positive outcomes for work such as this. Our 2009 and 2010 H2O projects were awarded a 2010 NEAAccess toArtistic Excellence award for our work in art, environmental issues and community outreach and engagement.

Participating Artists:

Joel Long – Poet
Colby Bryson – Filmmaker
Amy MacDonald – Director, Brolly Arts
Victoria Lyons – Co-Director, Bad Dog Arts
Michael Moonbird – Co-Director, Bad Dog Arts
Bad DogArts Students

Cat Palmer – Photographer
Kandyce Galanis – 3D Installation
Ashley Burnett: – Graphic Design
Margaret Willis – Visual Art
CarolAnn Sogard – Visual Art
NathanAdair – Costume Design
A Call For Artists Selection

BrollyArts is dedicated to creating meaningful art and vibrant communities through artistic and civic collaboration and experimentation.As a non-profit umbrella arts organization, Brolly is committed to increasing the opportunities and impacts of artists and arts organizations in Salt Lake City and Utah.

“BrollyArts has, from its inception, been an agent of change and community development through the arts for Salt Lake City. Every project undertaken has moved the arts community to work together and has creatively addressed a number of issues, both local and global.”

Nancy Boskoff, former Executive Director of the Salt Lake CityArts Council


UrbanArts Gallery

Friday, April 18, 2014, From 6 – 9 pm in conjunction with Gallery Stroll

Plastique exhibit runs from April 7 – May 3