Interpreting the birds of the Great Salt Lake through contemporary classical music, modern dance, photography and narration.

November 12, 13, and 14, 2004

Multimedia Collaboration Presented at the Jeanne Wagner Theatre


Brolly Arts presented an evening of music, dance, and landscape featuring local, national and international artistsĀ  at the Jeanne Wagner Theatre.

Brolly Arts presented an evening of music, dance, and landscape featuring local, national and international artists at the Jeanne Wagner Theatre. Featured work included a new Michael Nyman composition played by the Ahn Trio, choreography by Charlotte Boye-Christensen, photography by Stephen Trimble, kites by Robert Brasington, and birdhouses by students of Bad Dog Rediscovers America.

In conjunction with the presentation, more than 800 elementary school students were involved in workshops led by an ornithologist that combined learning about the lake’s delicate ecosystem with kites they created and flew over the Great Salt Lake.

Featured Artists

Michael Nyman
Internationally acclaimed British composer Michael Nyman has written numerous works for symphony, opera, film, and his own ensemble, the Michael Nyman Band. His most popular film soundtracks include The Piano and Gattaca. Contours premiers Nyman’s new composition inspired by the Great Salt Lake.

Ahn Trio
Korean-born sisters Angella (violin) and twins, Lucia (piano) and Maria (cello), bring a contemporary twist to the classical stage. The Julliard-trained trio tours the world, performing with vibrancy and grace. After playing an original work for Brolly Arts in 2000 at Kingsbury Hall, the trio returns to Utah to premier Michael Nyman’s new work.

Charlotte Boye-Christensen
A native of Denmark, Charlotte Boye-Christensen is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher. She choreographs new works for dance companies worldwide and in Utah, has worked with the Utah Symphony, Ballet West, and currently assists in the artistic direction for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company. This is her third composition for Brolly Arts.

Stephen Trimble
As a photographer, writer, and editor, Stephen Trimble captures Western landscapes and its people in many forms. He has published nineteen books, contributed to NPR and won The Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award for photography and conservation. Trimble makes his home in Salt Lake City and Torrey, Utah. Contours features his photography and commentary.

Bad Dog Rediscovers America
Michael Moonbird and Victoria Lyons founded this after-school youth arts program in 1997 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Students create a diversity of projects using all aspects of the fine arts, including dance, painting, sculpture, theater, writing, and multi-media. Bad Dog students have constructed birdhouses after learning about nine birds of the Great Salt Lake.