At Your Table – Severed

Please join us for this year’s performance of At Your Table – Severed.

Has technology seduced us into empty communal affiliation at the cost of individual humanity and relationships?

Friday, June 29, 6:30 – 9:30 pm at UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Art) as part of the Four Exhibition Opening Reception.

Suggested donation $5

At Your Table began with the idea that sharing a meal with others is a way of connecting both with people we know and people we don’t know through food, dialogue and experience. A table is a widely recognized icon where meals, conversation, and gatherings occur. At Your Table illuminates the idea that a table can connect to those who may or may not seek out art or art experiences. It uses art as a community engagement medium in a variety of locations to promote broader conversations around issues, ideas, identity and sense of place. At Your Table is a compelling twist to the idea that people go to a venue to see or experience an art form. Rather, we bring art to the people at places where organic connections and conversations can occur.

At Your Table is comprised of a large rectangular table that can be placed alone or in a setting along with other tables set for eating, sitting etc. The event takes place on and around the table. Dancers perform 1-3 pieces at random times (really planned times but random to community participants).

There will be opportunities for conversation with community members around ideas that this year’s At Your Table – Severed brings forth.

Past Performances

August 26: Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) from 6:30 – 9:30 pm
As part of their multi-exhibit opening

August 12 – 14: Kimball Art Center’s Annual Arts Festival
Throughout the day each of the three days
View the image gallery

July 14:  Whiskey Street SLC from 6 – 9 pm
Students from Westminster College’s Masters of Community Leadership program performed the inaugural project