What is a Brolly?

The term “brolly” is British slang for umbrella, an appropriate name for an organization that has strived for inclusiveness since its inception.

A little background

Brolly Arts was founded in 1995 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to fill a niche in a burgeoning arts community.

Director and founder Amy McDonald recognized a need for an organization that would support and enhance existing arts organizations and independent artists by creating forums for collaboration and experimentation.

Our Mission

Brolly Arts is dedicated to creating meaningful art and vibrant communities through artistic and civic collaboration and experimentation. As a non-profit umbrella arts organization, Brolly is committed to increasing the opportunities and impacts of artists and arts organizations in Salt Lake City and Utah.  The focus is on developing artistic, civic and corporate partnerships to increase awareness and change around major issues of the day with local relevance, increase access to the arts, innovative arts programming, and support for local and national independent artists.  Brolly Arts facilitates collaborative opportunities for independent artists, established organizations (artistic and civic), and fledgling arts groups.

Through these efforts, Brolly Arts has sponsored or supported numerous local projects, served over 600 artists, and successfully engaged in numerous strategic partnerships.

“Brolly Arts has, from its inception, been an agent of change and community development through the arts for Salt Lake City.  Every project undertaken has moved the arts community to work together and has creatively addressed a number of issues, both local and global.”
– Nancy Boskoff, Executive Director, Salt Lake City Arts Council

How does Brolly Arts work?

Through workshops, performances, installations, and commissions, Brolly Arts promotes the visual and performing arts, including dance, music, theater, literature, photography, and much more.

Brolly Arts strives to provide professional development for artists, create collaborative opportunities for artists from a variety of disciplines, offer creative and educational experiences to the community, maintain overall excellence, and pay artists living wages.

In meeting its goals, Brolly Arts contributes to the community’s cultural vibrancy and artistic diversity.